Programme Update (CML-BA)

Bachelor Business Management

The Bachelor in Business Management at the ECBM is a part-time programme which has been designed to meet the needs of young professionals willing to pursue an academic education whilst getting started with their career.


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The lectures take place in the first semester via hybrid teaching during weekend seminars in London. The programme is taught in English and has a total duration of 24 months.

Hybrid teaching means that you can take part in the class (face-to-face teaching) as well as digitally via a live-stream. This enables you to be absolutely flexible, since traveling to the teaching locations is not strictly necessary. Like this, the programme adapts to your needs, especially in times of travel uncertainty.

In case of local restrictions, the ECBM will switch to full online teaching.

From the second semester onwards students can decide if they want to finish their study in London or Germany.

After successful completion students will be awarded with the internationally recognised degree 'BA (Hons) in Business Management' by the University of South Wales.

The course is part-time and therefore ideal for people in employment.