German-British Chamber of Industry & Commerce English Language Certificate

With the German-British Chamber of Industry & Commerce English Language Certificate you can have your English language level officially recognised – and you can take the exam at any time, from anywhere.

English language competence is becoming increasingly important in the international working environment. A recognised language certificate should therefore form an essential part of your next job application.  It could help further your career and help you enter the international business world. 

The certificate from the German-English Chamber of Industry & Commerce consists of two parts: a short Pre-Test and an Online Exam, where you will be examined on four key areas: reading, listening, vocabulary and grammar. 

Thanks to our authentication system, you can take the exam anytime and anywhere; at work, from home, or even on holiday – you can be entirely flexible. Your certificate, stating the classification based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), will then be sent directly to you at home. 

First, sign up for the free Pre-Test. Create a new account and use the following enrolment key: AHKLCPT 

This short test will help you assess your language skills correctly before you begin the official exam. Don’t forget: you can sit the test anytime and anywhere! 

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Further information

  • Authentication system
  • Structure
  • Fees

Authentication system

For the official language exam, we use an authentication system which ensures the integrity of the exam. When you register for the authentication system you will need to grant access to your webcam, as four pictures of you will be registered by the system. 

Please ensure that in the fourth photo you are holding your ID clearly in front of the camera so that the card fills the whole screen. 

The software then compares your photos with the photo from your ID. This allows us to ensure that you take the exam yourself. 

Data protection regulations regarding the recording of personal data and pictures are strictly adhered to in this process. On the right-hand column of this webpage, you will see the User Guide which contains further information about the software, how it operates and data protection. Further information about registration for the authentication system can be found when filling out the registration form


The language certificate consists of two components: a free Pre-Test and a fee-based Online Exam. 

Please begin by taking the free Pre-Test. To do so, please click here. The Pre-Test is made up of 25 questions and can be completed in 15 minutes. The Pre-Test and its result will give you an impression of the upcoming exam. Furthermore, the Pre-Test can help you estimate your language level for the Online Exam. 

Following the Pre-Test, you can register for the Online Exam. The registration form can be found here. After registering, you will receive detailed instructions on how to complete the exam. 

Please note that you have a maximum of 1.5 hours to complete the exam. You cannot speak, leave your seat, or use online aids during the exam. Any breach of these rules could be seen as an attempt to cheat and could result in your exam not being recognised. 

After completion of the exam and successful payment, you will be informed of your result and receive your certificate to your home via post.


The Pre-Test is free. 

The exam for the German-British Chamber of Industry & Commerce English Language Certificate costs 90 euro. The evaluation of results and production and shipping of the certificate are included in this one-off payment. 

Please find more information about payment on the registration form site