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Celebrating success: A Recap of Our Graduation Ceremony

On the 22nd of March, we were honoured to see so many of our wonderful students close the book on such a big chapter in their academic journey. On the day, the room was filled with excitement and pride, as families, friends, and staff gathered to celebrate the culmination of hard work and dedication.

The ceremony was not only a time to celebrate academic achievements, but also an opportunity to reflect on the personal growth and professional development that each graduate has undergone during their time at ECBM. Everything from late-night study sessions to moments of triumph and resilience, our graduates have demonstrated determination, and commitment to life-long learning.

Special thanks to our guest speakers, Vonjy Rajakoba (Managing Director, Bosch UK), Dr Ulrich Hoppe (Director General, AHK), Dr Francis Cowe (University of South Wales), Tim Nichol (Liverpool John Moores University), who all shared words of wisdom and encouragement. They urged graduates to take whatever opportunities await them, and to remember the values they've learned during their time with us.

As we wrap up our Graduation Ceremony, let's all give a big round of applause to our amazing graduates! After all the work they’ve put in, we couldn't be prouder. If you haven’t shared your personal achievements yet on LinkedIn – it’s never too late to tag us

London Calling: Students from Hamburg Immerse Themselves in an Intense PDP Programme and Explore the World of Trade and Leadership in the British metropolis

From Leadership Skills to the Docklands Tour: Behind the Scenes of the Professional Development Programme in London

On October 30th, we had the pleasure of welcoming 28 students from Hamburg to London for their PDP (Professional Development Programme). Over the course of two weeks, they were instructed in topics such as Leadership Skills, Britain and the EU, Marketing Communication Skills and Corporate Social Responsibility. This short term course  took place as part of their vocational education (apprenticeship) at the “Institut für Außenhandel am Lämmermarkt in Hamburg”. With London being one of the capitals for international financial markets, we couldn't miss the opportunity to show them unique places in this fast-paced city.

Thus, our Professional Development Programme coordinator, Sarah, has taken our students on the Docklands Tour along the Thames, where they gained fascinating insights into one of the formerly most essential trading hubs of London. For us it has been equally important to let our students explore some of the historical components of trading in London and connect theory to practise. Lastly, we are delighted that our students worked diligently, improving their Business English and have been rewarded with the AHK English Language Certificate. We hope every single young professional of this group will be taking back some wonderful impressions to Hamburg.

A Personal Success Story: Tanita Herrmuth achieves an Exceptional Result with her ECBM-related Master Thesis

The Idea of a Flexible Higher Education Programme

How often do we realise that many different paths can lead to the same place, although they all might be of different length, accessibility and divergent directions at first. One single goal can be achieved by countless means. The same holds true for achieving an academic degree - it can also be achieved alongside a full-time employment and with a vocational training as the foundation of it.

More than ever, an increasing demand for flexible and transitional education programmes which combine academy with work experience can be observed. This phenomenon has been researched by Tanita Herrmuth. Tanita is a former member of the ECBM team, who dedicated her Master thesis to the research field of “Permeability in an International Context: Transitions of Vocationally Qualified Students to British Higher Education Institutions.” The following findings are based on Tanita’s research.

The increasing demand for Institutional Permeability in Education Systems

Nowadays, the demand is flourishing for “topping up” vocational education with an academic degree and graduating within a shorter study period than it might be possible with most full-time studies. As many industries operate internationally, companies are also increasingly looking for young professionals with profound academic skills as well as work experience. British higher education institutions seem to address this institutional permeability more frequently and find their target group in Germany.

In order to find out more about the motivational drivers of young individuals who went down the path of combining their vocational degree with an academic study programme, Tanita conducted in-depth interviews with ECBM graduates. Three graduates seem to find competitive advantage for their personal career and high educational value in an ECBM part-time programme for the following reasons:

  • To develop an international profile allowing them to pursue internationally oriented job opportunities
  • To have the flexibility of studying while working full time, and obtain an academic degree within a short study period
  • To receive an internationally recognised degree (education) in both the UK and Germany

Thus, combining vocational training with academic education can enhance individual educational profiles, open up the path to lifelong learning, and foster international mobility of young professionals in the European Higher Education Area.

However, Tanita did not only illustrate the impact of institutional permeability on individuals, she also discussed the economic and educational aspect within her research. More specifically, she examined potential positive effects of the permeability between vocational and academic education in the light of demographic change and the increasing shortage of skilled workers in highly industrialised countries such as Germany or the UK.

German Fashion Students go International with the ECBM

From Textbooks to Trends: Business-Focused Fashion Students on the Rise in London

Fashion students from the Akademie für Mode und Design (AMD) in Hamburg explore one of the world’s biggest fashion hubs: London

Aiming to combine creativity and commerce, nine talented fashion students from the AMD in Hamburg embarked on an enriching journey into the business aspects of the fashion industry at the European College of Business and Management (ECBM). Over the span of two intensive weeks, these aspiring fashion enthusiasts immersed themselves in London's dynamic and ever-evolving fashion landscape.

At ECBM, they participated in the Professional Development Programme (PDP), thoughtfully designed for students looking to merge their artistic talents with a deep understanding of the business side. This programme provided an ideal platform for these young fashion professionals. All students brought a diverse range of creative perspectives, each prepared to merge their artistic passions with the practicalities of the fashion and media business.