Kaufmann/frau International Certificate

The Kaufmann International Certificate (KIC) is rewarded when the participant is in possession of a 'kaufmännische Ausbildung' from an IHK and after the successful completion of a Professional Development Programme at the ECBM.

Intensive Course KIC

The three-week intensive course for the Kaufmann/-frau International Certificate (KIC) builds on the German commercial vocational training programme. The course enables graduates of our PDP courses to gain valuable international, cultural and linguistic experience following their training and paves the way for university study. The internationally recognised certified qualification awarded on successful completion of the course is awarded by the German-British Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK GB). With your completed training and the KIC, you can apply to the ECBM for a Bachelor's and ultimately a Master's degree programme.

Completing the PDP intensive course successully enables you to receive the Kaufmann/-frau International Certificate (KIC). The qualification is awarded by the German-British Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK UK).


The ECBM has been offering customised courses for German vocational schools for 25 years. As one of the most successful training academies of the Chambers of Commerce Abroad, we have already successfully trained over 10,000 graduates. The ECBM is currently the only chamber organisation that offers the KIC programme in English and has thus created an international continuing education programme for German commercial vocational training.

Contents and Course Outline

Participation in the three-week intensive course for the Kaufmann/-frau International Certificate (KIC) is possible in London and other English-speaking cities, or as an online course comfortably from your own home. After just three weeks, graduates receive the internationally recognised Kaufmann/-frau International Certificate (KIC). The syllabus of the three-week "International Certificate in Business Administration" course is based on the commercial vocational training programmes, with lessons taught entirely in English.

 During the course, participants develop their English language skills and expand their international and cultural skills. To further support language development, we will help you organise accommodation with local host families should participants decide to attend the seminars locally. In addition to guest lectures by speakers from local companies, we offer additional modules in the areas of communication, globalisation and culture. With individual specialisms such as banking, fashion, insurance and property management, the course is tailored precisely to the participants' preferences.

Degrees and Certificates

Four certificates can be obtained as part of the three-week KIC intensive course. The Kaufmann/-frau International Certificate (KIC) is an internationally recognised, certified qualification awarded by the German-British Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK GB). Participants also receive an ECBM certificate and, depending on the course set-up, an English language certificate. With the language certificate, participants can have their English language skills officially recognised and thus increase their chances on the job market. The certificate contains proof of English language skills in accordance with the European Qualifications Framework (EQF). The flexible online exam can be taken at any time and from anywhere. The KIC enables you to start a degree programme at the ECBM directly after your training.

Admissions Requirements

Trainees on the following commercial apprenticeships can apply for the Professional Development Programmes:

Kaufmann/-frau für Bürokommunikation
Kaufmann/-frau für Büromanagement
Kaufmann/-frau für Dialogmarketing
Kaufmann/-frau für Marketingkommunikation
Kaufmann/-frau für Spedition und Logistikdienstleistung
Kaufmann/-frau für Tourismus und Freizeit
Kaufmann/-frau für Versicherungen und Finanzen
Kaufmann/-frau im Einzelhandel
Kaufmann/-frau im Groß- und Außenhandel
Informations- und Telekommunikationssystem Kaufmann/-frau
Medienkaufmann/-frau Digital & Print

If your vocational programme is not listed here, please feel free to contact us at any time. We will be happy to advise you on all the options for further training at the ECBM in a personal meeting!