Alumni Publications

We are proud to share a list of our ECBM Alumni Publications.

We offer our students and alumni the opportunity to have their work published in academic journals. Once they have completed their thesis, some of our Master students are offered the chance to work with our lecturers to have their work published.

Please find below a list of papers which have been published by ECBM alumni. Find out more about our graduates here.

Julia Hecht

Hecht, J. and Kahrens, M. (2021) 'How does national culture affect the teaching style in higher education and what are the implications for the student experience?', Tertiary Education and Management, pp. 1–21;

Friederike Wurster (MSc)

Wurster, F. A.; Kahrens, M.; Frueauff, D.H. (2020) ‘Strategic airport management considering digital transformation demands’, Conference Proceedings of 15th International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics, Matera/Italy, 9-11 September 2020

ISBN 978-88-96687-13-0

Hanan Kondratjew (MSc)

Kondratjew, H., Kahrens, M., (2019) ‘Leveraging experiential learning training through spaced learning‘, Journal of Work-Applied Management, Vol. 11 No. 1, pp. 30-52;

Dieter Früauff (MBA, DBA)

Gisy, J. R., Früauff, D.H., Kahrens, M., (2018) ‘Tackling digital accounting process complexity with knowledge management: An analytical framework’, Conference Proceedings of the 13th International Forum on Knowledge Assets Dynamics Delft/Netherlands, 4-6 July 2018;

ISBN 978-88-96687-11-6

Anke Esser

Esser, A., Kahrens, M., Mouzughi, Y., Eomois, E., (2018) ‘A female leadership competency framework from the perspective of male leaders’, Gender in Management: An International Journal, Vol. 33(2), pp.138-166;

Marion Kahrens (MBA, DBA) & Dieter Früauff (MBA, DBA)

Früauff, D.H., Kahrens, M. (2015) ‘Application of intuition-based management in an administrative project’ in Liebowitz, J. (ed.) ‘Bursting the Big Data Bubble: The Case for Intuition-Based Decision Making’, p. 309-321, Baco Raton: CRC press, Taylor & Francis Group

ISBN 978-1-4822-2885-4 

Dieter Früauff (MBA, DBA) & Marion Kahrens (MBA, DBA)

Früauff, D.H., Kahrens, M., Mouzughi, Y., Menacere, K. (2014) ‘Rethinking knowledge hierarchies – bridging the gulf between theory and practice: the case of Frankfurt airport’s billing department’ in Knowledge Management Research & Practice, 13 (1), p. 59-70