ECBM Alumni Council

Stay connected as an ECBM graduate

The ECBM Alumni Council is a group of ECBM alumni who come together to nurture a strong connnection between the ECBM and the Alumni Network.

We aim to inspire personalities to drive the process of lifelong learning.  

In order to do this, we organise events where alumni can network, stay in touch and get to know alumni from other courses.

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A word from our President...

Henrik Zirkel, MBA graduate

"The ECBM Alumni Network, founded in 2018, is an association for graduates of the European College of Business and Management which aims to connect former students, promote life-long learning and provide mutual benefits for its members. Many ECBM postgraduates have completed doctorates, published articles in academic journals, and work in senior management positions worldwide. Therefore experience and knowledge sharing is a valuable asset to all graduates within the network, allowing younger graduates to seek advice, guidance, and mentorship.”


ECBM Hamburg Alumni Event, February 2020

ECBM Alumni Summer Event 2019