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European College of Business and Management

Work and Study

All courses and study programmes are taught according to the principles of blended learning. This means that you will attend lectures/seminars (mainly at weekends) and study from home.

We offer a wide range of resources, which are available through our Student Web Platform and our library. The seminars/lectures take place in Germany, Milan and London. So you do not have to relocate or travel far.


ECBM is specialised in delivering fully accredited, internationally recognised qualifications to Germany and other European countries.

Students on our study programmes work for companies that have offices all over the world. Apprentices have the opportunity to obtain the Kaufmann/frau International Certificate and to continue with a top-up Bachelor degree to receive an internationally recognised degree.



Become part of the ECBM Global Alumni Network! Our graduates are professionals, consultants or managers in business around the globe. One in three of our postgraduate alumni are CEOs.

Our network provides an excellent opportunity to keep in touch, build business contacts and gain value from being in a network of fellow professionals.

Excellent Value

Our tuition fees are very competitive because we are an official non-profit educational institute set up by German businesses and the German-British Chamber of Industry & Commerce. It is our mission to educate and train business people in Germany and the UK.
Specialising in blended & distance learning, we are able to offer our programmes at a low cost for an excellent value.

German-British Jobs

German-British Jobs is a web-based database of job & internship opportunities provided by the German-British Chamber and The European College of Business and Management for those seeking to make use of their language skills and subject knowledge.

Advertising via German-British Jobs is completely free of charge for all of our alumni!

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