Access and Participation Statement

The European College of Business and Management (ECBM) is committed to the widening of participation and access to Higher Education, particularly to those students coming from nontraditional routes.

This commitment is evidenced by the ECBM mission and objectives and by its continuing efforts to ensure that young people who may otherwise not be able to grasp opportunities to gain employment and qualifications, are given the opportunity to do so.

We work closely with charities such as the Brokerage in order to provide opportunities to access Higher Education and City jobs for sixth form students from backgrounds under-represented in both HE and City of London financial sector employment. We offer free summer schools to client schools of the Brokerage, and provide opportunities for young people across Europe, so that they can access mobility projects which broaden their horizons and enable them to participate in an international education. Our programmes are all developed and implemented with the aim of ensuring that students who are in employment or study elsewhere are able to access these opportunities whilst not having to take a ‘career break’ or giving up work in any way.

Please download here the full Access and Participation Statement.