Kahrens, Marion

Dr. Marion Kahrens

Dr Marion Kahrens is a lecturer and supervisor at the European College of Business and Management. Her teaching within the ECBM focuses on research methodology and methods. For her the best research and the best professional practice occur when both aspects are brought together to develop knowledge and understanding.

After her apprenticeship within the family’s SME of food trade, Marion studied business economics at the University of Siegen, in Germany. Based on that, she joined the management and technology consultancy BearingPoint formerly known as KPMG consulting about twenty years. During her professional career Marion was acting as a project and programme manager at plenty of major companies in Germany. The consulting content varied from ERP systems, process management and corporate real estate management. Subsequently, she was engaged as a Finance Programme Manager at the 1&1 Internet SE in Germany.

In 2008, Marion completed her MBA programme through ECBM with the Business School of Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU). In 2013, she gained the doctoral degree (DBA) at LJMU. Topic of her research was the decision-making process for corporate real estates in the German manufacturing industry. She's a member of Corenet Global, a worldwide association for Real Estate Managers and BPM, an Internet Community interested in Business Process Management.


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