International Business and Management (MSc) Absolventen

"The global emphasis at the ECBM allowed me to pursue my career as a Strategic Marketing Consultant as well as give me a definite advantage in my international marketing communications projects."

Gracia Herbich-Bierut, MSc
Head of Marketing Communications, Dr Herbich
Strategic Marketing Consultant, GHB Consulting



"The course helped tremendously to work in a culture different to my own; it has deepened my understanding of the business world and taught me a lot about ethics in business - overall all fields I was incredibly interested in even before attending."

Sarah Weyers, MSc
Digital PR Manager D-A-CH, Treedom

"The studies at ECBM helped me strengthen my skills in international management. Combining these skills, I learned at ECBM and adding them to my previous education (PR & Communication) was really helpful. The experience and also the networking with the students and professors were great."

Violeta Bogicevic, MSc
Brand Manager, Powder Talk

"Thanks to the MSc in International Business and Management program at the ECBM I was able to grow personally, professionally and academically.
Personally - I learned to structure my life efficiently to get things (academic and professional) done on time.
Professionally - Choosing a company-related topic for my thesis that results can be integrated in the daily work, accelerated my career at Sangel Systemtechnik GmbH.
Academically - I am currently working with my mentor, Dr. Marion Kahrens, on an abstract of my thesis to apply for an international conference.
I am grateful for this whole experience."

Elena Schüßler-Roggenhofer, MSc
Key Account Manager, Sangel Systemtechnick GmbH

"Doing the MSc in International Business and Management at ECBM was a great decision.The tutors were outstanding and always supportive, it was a lot of fun attending the classes in Germany and London. It enabled me to study and progress in my career at the same time, which I'm very grateful for. I got an international perspective and developed my skillset for the work place and my degree definitely helped me getting a job in London in a leading marketing agency. I can highly recommend studying at the ECBM."

Franziska Gutmair, MSc
Online Marketing Manage, Scale One (Switzerland)

“The theoretical knowledge in Business Ethics gained by Titi whilst studying at ECBM London has proved invaluable in her practice of ethical principles which are an integral part of trade compliance.” Kratzer Automation AG

Titi Oguns, MSc
Customs & Trade Compliance, Kratzer Automation AG

Meine Zeit am ECBM hat mich nicht nur beruflich sondern auch persönlich weiter gebracht. Das Masterstudium bietet die perfekte Kombination aus wissenschaftlichem Arbeiten und praktisch orientierten Modulen.

Sascha Kummle, MSc
Brand Coordination in Global Public Affairs and Sustainablity, Volkswagen AG