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Application: Kaufmann/-frau International Certificate (KIC)

The Kaufmann International Certificate (KIC) is a recognised certificate which converts your kaufmännische Ausbildung into an international Kaufmann/-frau and is awarded by the German-British Chamber of Industry and Commerce in London. The KIC is awarded to students who have successfully completed their kaufmännische Ausbildung (IHK) in Germany and their 3 week PDP course at ECBM. You can find a list of accepted apprenticeships here.

Application deadline for the Winter Board is 05th February 2020. Applications received after 05th February 2020 will be processed for the Summer Board.

To apply for the Kaufmann International Certificate:

  • Fill in the online application form
  • Attach a scanned copy of your final IHK certificate in German
  • Attach proof of payment

More information on the timeline can be found here.

KIC Online Application

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